TheArtof.MEDIA has closed its office in Germany.
Eines von Nicolas´ Betätigungsfeldern neben der Kunst:
IT-Anfragen (Programmierung/Controlling/Consulting) aus Deutschland werden nicht mehr angenommen/beantwortet, da er sich dort nicht mehr weiter engagieren will/wird. ;-)

 Amsterdam and North Holland gives us the peace we need. The Netherlands gives us the time to think, to support Nicolas in whatever he needs.
And it also closes a circle for Nicolas.

TheArtof.MEDIA is the technical, organizational and entrepreneurial basis for all activities of Nicolas von Jahn-Burian.

You can see a project that is currently being worked on intensively in the following block.

"Benelux Gallery"
a venture of TheArtof.MEDIA

TheArtof.MEDIA has started planning its own gallery in the Benelux for Nicolas. Works by the artist will be exhibited there, both as originals and as art prints. We ourselves are full of excitement and anticipation for these events. As things stand, the first of three planned galleries is scheduled to open in early 2025.

TheArtof.MEDIA a commencé à planifier sa propre galerie au Benelux pour Nicolas. Les œuvres de l'artiste y seront exposées en version originale et en impressions d'art. Nous sommes nous-mêmes pleins d'enthousiasme et d'anticipation pour ces événements. Le calendrier prévoit actuellement l'ouverture de la première des trois galeries prévues pour début 2025.

TheArtof.MEDIA is begonnen met het plannen van een eigen galerie in de Benelux voor Nicolas. Werken van de kunstenaar zullen daar tentoongesteld worden, zowel als originelen als als kunstdrukken. Wijzelf zijn vol spanning en verwachting voor deze gebeurtenissen. Zoals het er nu naar uitziet zal de eerste van de drie geplande galeries begin 2025 opengaan.
We plan pop-up locations, technical and structural implementation, insurance, transport and the operation of the gallery. Furthermore, a new studio is being built for the "Benelux Gallery" in the Netherlands.

For more information, visit Benelux Gallery.
Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met Benedikt.
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TheArtof.MEDIA is a division of the ventures "The Art of ..." by Nicolas von Jahn-Burian.

TheArtof.MEDIA is the technical, organizational and entrepreneurial basis for all activities of Nicolas von Jahn-Burian.

You can find all of Nicolas' activities here: (en cours de réalisation)

... and in a few other places :-)

Contact: Benedikt Jansen
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The dust that settled on the bottles in your wine cellar. We had to sneeze. First me, then you. Then both of us. If we could have seen through your daughter's eyes, we would have seen each other. We would have seen two friends who didn't have to talk much, who could laugh all the more, and even a quiet moment could mean more communication. We called it: enjoyment
An old friend, he has gone. You knew what a hole you would tear in my soul when this moment came. Forever my mentor, my Chefredakteur.
Forever MY FRIEND.